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Ernesto narrates in Castilian Spanish.


Ernesto J. Rodríguez Abad (Los Silos; Tenerife) has a Degree in Hispanic and French Philology. His working life oscillates between the classroom and the storytelling stage. He has also studied the theatre in France, Italy and Tunisia. He has worked in the theatre as a director and writer, with his versions and adaptations of classical Spanish theatre standing out both on the theatrical stage and within oral narration. He has attended numerous festivals as the director of his own texts or as an oral narrator, travelling to countries including Argentina, Hungary, France, Germany, Puerto Rico, Tunisia, Colombia or Brazil, among others, and has participated for over seven years in the Almagro Classical Theatre Festival.

Among his publications are Cosas de dioses (Things of the gods), El árbol de las palabras (The word tree)  and the novel Sombra de Cristal (Glass shadow) , or the production of children's literature such as Cuando las palabras no habían nacido (Before words were born), El pirata sombra (The pirate shadow), Leyendas de agua (Water Legends),15 de brujas (15 about witches), an anthology of children's literature published in Buenos Aires, Los inventores de cuentos (The story inventors), Alfaguara, Madrid,Cuentos africanos para dormir el miedo (African tales to put fear to sleep), Madreselva, El pirata Maldoror (Maldoror the pirate), El rey que bordaba estrellas (The king who embroidered stars). Among his research and theoretical works are Encouraging to encourage (Catarata, Madrid, 2007), I'll tell so you'll tell (Catarata, Madrid, 2007) and Theatrical games to encourage reading (Catarata, Madrid, 2008).  His most recent publications are Estrellas sin noche (Stars without a night), in 2011, a musical and literary work in collaboration with musicians from the isles, and Jardín de Brujas (Garden of Witches) 2011. In 2013 he published Escritos en la corteza (Writings on the bark), Alfaguara, or in 2014 El niño que no sabía jugar al fútbol (The boy who couldn't play football), SM.

He currently manages the Los Silos International Story Festival, Las Breñas tell (La Palma) and the storytelling magazine Mnemosyne.