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Spain, France and Latin America

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I am an actor and narrator, and I came to storytelling by accident, to then realise that it had been waiting for me all the time. With writer parents I grew up surrounded by literature, although I studied and worked as a biologist. My passion is the theatre, so ending up in the branch of oral literature was logical.

In 2003 I began to work with Clara Piñero, forming the duo Gamba&Ginny. We created a fusion between the word (her) and the clown (me). But with the passage of time I feel I want to tell stories myself, and seek my own style, in sessions for families and also for adults.

I have not stopped working with her, with musicians, actors and improvisers. I have extensive training in clowning and gesture in theatre (Gaulier, Edwards, Colombaioni) and that is reflected in my shows. I consider the storytelling craft a performance art which ties in with the tradition of the minstrels and I try to perfect all the theatrical elements of the profession.

I have been invited as storyteller and clown to festivals and programmes in France, Tunisia, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and practically the entire geography of Spain.







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