Silvia Colomer Gisbert


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(0034) 651028557

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Spanish and Valencian

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Alcoy (Alicante)

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Spanish, Valencian


A few years ago a friend said to me, “You like stories so much, why don't you tell them yourself? I dare you", and without wanting to (avoid it) I dared to. Gifts that save your life. And I say gifts because I found myself in the situation I had dreamed of; enjoying my work.

The first stories were accompanied by a trembling voice, insecurity, nerves and a degree of dread, but in time things began to change. Through training and experience everything slowly gave way to trips from here to there, and the little butterflies that have taken up permanent residence in my stomach, in my heart and in my consciousness, even to this day. These tiny, riotous creatures go crazy every time they know one of my sessions is coming up, and I love that. Each storytelling or reading encouragement session hides laughter, glances, gestures, questions, collusion or even silence, which is marvellous, unique, and in some ways addictive.

Although my career has not yet been long, it seems like stories have been waiting for me for a long time. I have told stories, created programmes and narrated in educational centres, shops, public spaces, libraries, shopping centres, strange corners, and even at gatherings of family or friends, and I do not intend to stop. I am passionate about sharing stories and thoughts with people of any age, but I love telling stories to little ones; childhood is still with me at 40, and every day they teach me how beautiful and simple life is. Stories have no age and no shelf life, although not all stories are suitable for all audiences, and they have shown me this every time I share them.

I love to nose around, collect, adapt, select, tell and share everything that stirs my feelings in this brief life I have been given.

I hugely enjoy every working day and I believe, “Every life is a story, the best of stories. Enjoy it!"



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