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Carmen Ibarlucea

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by stories, all stories, even the ones I don't like to tell. My main interest is the oral tradition, although I also tell stories written by authors, and particularly female authors.

For more than 20 years telling stories has been my way of life. I would describe the experience of telling and listening as an act of true magic, because I tell stories that come from way back in time, and are now launched into the future from our place in the present.

This thread connects us with people from the past, from anywhere in the past, and that helps give us hope for the future.

I define humanity as the storytelling animal, because few species tell as many stories as we humans tell each other, from the shopping list to the wonderful move during the match to a spot of bother at work, we spill it all out, and we also listen.

I love stories because they help us understand each other, help us grow and prepare us for life, and as life is so full of surprises, we need the companionship and embrace of a story, whatever our age.





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