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My artistic journey began at the age of 14 when I discovered theatre in high school and it literally saved my life; I wanted to be an actress and dedicate myself to expressing what I felt. Transform myself in order to transform; that was my dream.

In 2006 in Tenerife I got to know the craft of storytelling, when I was lucky enough to witness great storytellers and learn from them.

I started to tell stories out loud and professionally in 2013, when I founded the "SIRIVARI Company" in which Pascal Ezanno played live music while I told and performed stories written by myself.

It was in 2018 on a trip to the Americas and after living with the Bribri people that I really discovered the craft of oral storytelling and its medicine. Hopelessly in love with tales from the oral tradition, its myths and legends, I now felt the call of this rooted craft and I launched myself into the adventure of making a living from this precious art through respect, humility and a great deal of desire.

I currently perform in libraries, cultural centres, educational centres, old people's homes, parks, squares, festivals and wherever there are ears to listen. I tell stories through characters as an actor, I tell stories that I write and I tell stories in images as an audiovisual director (I am the director and creator of the cartoon “Medita con el Hada Sha” (Meditate with Fairy Sha).

Although I must confess that I also have another passion... I love guiding and accompanying others to find their own voice, their gestures, their breath and their Ikigai. I teach drama and creative writing and I am moderator of the Reading Club at the "CONCHA MÉNDEZ” Municipal Public Library in Manzanares el Real (Madrid).

I have the healthy intention of continuing to learn and to pass on by word of mouth this oral legacy, both necessary and important, that helps us understand where we come from and who we are.





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