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My first memories of stories belong to the realm of the everyday, to the family gatherings and work in which the original atmosphere of the oral tradition was still present. For that reason I keep in mind that, as Rodríguez Almodóvar said, the story is addressed to the community, although due to the needs of modern life we end up segmenting the public.

I studied Journalism in order to provide news, but I ended up within the oral tradition telling stories. I rediscovered storytelling through Agustín García Calvo, the story through Mercedes Carriñon, and acting through "Réplika. Actors' Academy". I began telling stories in Madrid in 1995 with the group Cháchara, and since 2002 I have been working solo. 

I believe the secret of narration is the same for all ages; start from simple experience and build an imaginary world on top. I tell stories for babies and teens, children or the elderly. I also work with the educator Vanessa Peña in her children's clubs for encouraging reading.

I like to explore the boundaries between storytelling and theatre.  Through that I came upon the romantic style, the minstrel (through Quijote), to tell stories through a character (through Cellero), to puppets (through "Juan Soldado", FETEN 2015 award for the adaptation of a text), and to classical theatre (through "Lázaro de Tormes").

To sum up...perhaps because I like literature, the staged word, music, poetry, children, reading...I have found my medium of expression in the oral tradition.

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