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I was born in many places at once, and for that reason I have always felt at home in many, but on my identity card they only let me put one so, at random, I chose Madrid.

As a child I tricked my mother. She always thought that I ate badly, and that without a story I would not eat at all. She gave me so many eternal lunchtimes filled with stories! My mother did not know that, in truth, I was feeding twice. Through her, before learning how to tell stories, I first learned how to listen. And that is how I spend my life; listening and telling.

Educated in children's literature at the CEPLI, I began telling stories professionally back in 2011, when I was able to convince my first listeners that what I had in my enormous belly was not really a baby, but the cake that the poor little fly had made for the house-warming party. That day I also launched a new life, and I got up onto a stage from which I never wish to get down.

Through the years my stage and I have visited a never-ending list of libraries, schools, bookshops, book fairs, storytelling marathons, woods, parks, streets...mainly in Madrid, but luckily we have also travelled to other places such as Bilbao, Santiago de Compostela, Seville, Zaragoza, Avila... We dream that more cities and countries will make the list longer in the years to come.

For the moment my audience is made up of babies, children and teens, and of course the parents and adults that accompany them. To do sessions for adults is, for the moment, only a project that perhaps one day will see the light of day.

I love all stories. Well, scary stories scare me a lot, but I still tell them. My repertoire is filled with humour, emotion, music, the past, poetry, threads, surprises (may they drive me crazy!) Everything that I am I put into my sessions. Whoever has seen me working might say that they know me because, in part, I am ... "like an open book", and so much so that this expression provides the name for one of my favourite sessions.

Because I love a happy ending I do not want to finish this brief presentation without a happy ever after, and the desire to find someone who, in the meantime, can tell me a story. For old times' sake.



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