Estibi Mínguez


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(0034) 680702031

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English and sometimes, in Spanish

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My name is Estibi and I am a storyteller.

I was born in Guadalajara, but my heart is split between Azuqueca de Henares and San Francisco (California). My mother is from there, which is where I picked up the English.

I have always liked stories. As a child I loved to be ill and cuddle up to my father on the sofa to hear his stories. Now I melt when sitting with my family around the kitchen table my daughters ask me to tell them stories.

I have been telling stories for 5 years, and although my friend Javi says I have been telling "stories" all my life, it is only now that I can in that way make a living. I have a project called "Tales From The Box" which is dedicated to spreading English through storytelling sessions.

I always tell stories with a clear educational aim, that the audience has fun and learns a little English. I tell stories for girls and boys of all ages...from two-year-olds to teens in high school. Although I mainly work in educational centres, I also hugely enjoy telling stories to a family audience in bookshops, libraries, etc.

“Tales From The Box” is a project in continuous evolution, which has become an endless source of joy and memorable experiences. I am very curious as to what the future holds in the world of storytelling, but while I am finding out I shall enjoy as a child each session I give.


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