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"The pleasure of feeling stories created in me the need to tell them"

I was born between sheets, not everyone is born between sheets, but I...was born between sheets. At the age of three I pulled the family bookcase on top of me. Luckily my tiny body was small enough to fit in the space between two shelves, but the books that fell on my head marked me for life, and from that day to this I have been an inveterate reader.  

Years later I roamed the mountains of High Aragon to retrieve the vernacular toponymy of the elderly, and that was how I came upon the Oral Tradition. One day while I was resting on the banks of the river Ésera, a storyteller appeared before me, and in an exchange that was not agreed to, we shared stories and tales about the before, the after, and the now; from that day when the profession of "storyteller" found me, I have not ceased from going where they call me with a thousand and one tales in my suitcase.

These stories have taken me all over the nation, to perform over a thousand sessions for audiences of all ages.

I trained in expressive techniques, creativity, oral narration, the use of the voice, clowning, and circus, teaching and pedagogy.

I carry out activities to encourage reading and writing for all age groups. 

I give training in the communication process, the use of the voice, the story as an educational tool, oral narration and creative writing for business environments, young people, teachers, librarians, and other mediators.

Since 2011 I have presented and advised the Marathon "Una tarde de Cuento" Public Library Rey del Corral, where I spend more than eight hours on the boards, trying to thread together the stories of those taking part.

I direct the City of Zaragoza Circus Festival.

I have been a Professional Oral Narrator since 2003.




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