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Aaiún Producciones: Theatre company

Sonia storytells in English and Spanish


"Once Upon A'Time"

Sonia starts telling stories at an early age, first to her parents, afterwards to her brothers and sister, teachers and friends. This passion will be turned into a profession when in 1998 she starts telling stories to completely strangers.

She studies her Bachelor of Fine Arts in theatre in the U.S.A thanks to a “performance grant-in-aid” and a scholarship granted by the Andalusian Government. She graduates in 1992 “magna cum laude” in Acting.

She comes back to Andalucia and begins living in Seville where she studies theatre directing in the Andalusian Theatre Institute and undertakes her doctorate degree in Theatre Science at the University of Seville.

She works for the Andalusian Theatre Center until 1996 when she creates Aaiun Producciones, the enterprise that manages from then on. She has produced and directed 21 plays and has worked as a storyteller for: Andalusian Literary Center (2004-2013), Seville´s library net (1998-2013), Granada´s library net. (2008), Huelva´s Library (2005-2013), Salteras´s library (2007-2011), Villanueva del Ariscal´s library (2005-2008)... among others.