Festival´s name: Festival at the Edge

Place: Shropshire, England

Trajectory (including its origin and evolution): Storytelling & Music festival, offering performances, workshops, on-site camping, plus a variety of caterers and traders over the third weekend in July. The oldest storytelling festival in England.

Target Audience: Families and adults with an interest in story and its application.

Coordination and Direction- A team of eight volunteers from the Organising Team

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Duration: Festival starts Friday 19.00 ends Sunday 17.00. Next year is 28th year.

Spaces: around 1400 visitors.

Nationalities involved: Artists from all over Britain and usually at least 2/3 from Europe and further afield every year.

Sponsors: Very little. Maybe 5 percent of festival cost.
We are a not for profit organisation. The cost for the majority of the festival is covered by ticket sales, plus commission from traders etc.

This text belongs to the 67st Bulletin: A trip of stories