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Festivals name: “Folktales & Myths on the back of the Centaur” Mt. Pelion Storytelling Festival

Place: Agios Georgios Nilias, Mt. Pelion- Thessaly Region, Greece, 700 m. above the sea level, 21 klm drive from the capital Volos City

Trajectory (including its origin and evolution) Established in 2011 as a 3days storytelling festival and became after 2012 an 8 days festival with storytelling performances, fests of honor-special tributes, one day Summer School of Folktales (with scientific paper presentations), workshops, art exhibitions, film projections

Target Audience: age from 6+ up to 99

Coordination and Direction: Non profit Organization “Folktales & Myths on the back of the Centaur”-Artistic Director: Dimitris Prousalis

Web page: (with google translation options)

Social media (facebook in greek: ΠΑΡΑΜΥΘΙΑ ΚΑΙ ΜΥΘΟΙ ΣΤΟΥ ΚΕΝΤΑΥΡΟΥ ΤΗ ΡΑΧΗ)

Duration: 8 days every August (during the 2nd week)

Spaces: mainly open areas- among cobbles and olive trees, in the museums, old school buildings, in the country chapels, monasteries, railway stations, in traditional hostels, stone bridges, house yards, pathways, stone bridges, old coffee shops, water sources

Nationalities involved: (participation of storytellers 2011-2018) Greece, Great Britain, Norway, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Turkey

Budget: less than 5000

Sponsors: Regional Government of Thessaly, National Tourism Organization of Greece and private donations

Approximate price ticket for storytellers: 200 euros

Any other information: Participation of the “Mountzouris” old local train with special ticket offer by the National Greek Railroad Organization, Free entrance admission

This article belongs to the 67st Bulletin: A trip of stories