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Among the objectives laid down in the AEDA statutes there are various references to providing visibility, dissemination and outreach for the activity of storytelling. For that reason, and in order to achieve those objectives, this web page was created and various social media accounts are managed; Facebook, Twitter, Storytellers' List and the monthly Bulletin. Even so, we believe that there are virtual environments in which news of the spoken word still lacks sufficient presence. We are referring specifically to mobile devices. 

For that reason for the last six months AEDA has been working to set up an APP which is compatible with Andriod and iOS, which will allow access to information regarding storytelling from mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).  


This APP comprises of five sections (in its initial version) which can be accessed directly once the app has been downloaded. 

Firstly there is a menu where all articles and news items which are published on the AEDA home page are automatically posted; now you will be able to read them easily from your mobile device. Each time a new article is published your APP will let you know (via a notification) that there is new content and, once you access this part of the menu you will be able to differentiate between those you have read and those that are pending.

Another section is dedicated to storytelling events. This section is one of the most visited on the web page, and for that reason we have decided to provide access to its contents by making the same event calendar available through the APP. By default the current week's events will appear, but this can be easily changed in order to search by day, month or year. It will thus be very easy to see if there are any storytelling events in your area and view all the information regarding the sessions.

The third section is dedicated to AEDA people. In it you will be able to get information on the storytellers who make up the association and contact them in a simple, speedy manner.

The fourth point has been created in order that you can easily follow storytelling blogs and webs. You can enable and modify the options you wish to follow from among the proposed list, and you will then always know when there are new articles, posts, etc. on the pages or blogs you are interested in. By default the last twenty entries will load and each time there is new content published on one of the items you are following it will be flagged by the APP internal notifications.

The final element on the APP is a search engine which allows you to search for specific topics from among the contents of our web. You can carry out a simple search by key word or a more advanced search by inserting the exact phrase you wish to find between quotation marks and it will search from among over five hundred documents which to date are contained on the web page.

At the end of this article you can see some APP screenshots to further illustrate what we have described.

The initial APP features, in addition, other added possibilities:

  • You may share the content which has interested you the most directly from the APP via your Twitter, Facebook or email.
  • If you wish the APP can read you the entries; perhaps you are like us and you like to listen.
  • The majority of the information will be temporarily stored on your mobile device in case you wish to continue reading offline.

You can find the APP "AEDA Narración Oral" in your store, or follow these links and download the APP directly from Google Play Store (for Android) and Apple Store (for iOS). As you can see this APP is completely free.

We hope you find the idea a good one and, above all, you find it useful.