Arts speak Spanish (2nd edition): Storytelling with the Moth community program

This is one of the newest programs at The Moth and one they are very excited about! They are doing this educational programconducted by The Moth and organized by Spain Culture NY and ICNY Instituto Cervantes New York.All sessions will take place at Instituto Cervantes New York (East 49th Street).

This project consists of 6 sessions where the participants will be preparing to tell their story in Spanish: it takes place from September 29th to November 10th, every Monday except October 13th 2014.

You don’t need to be an artist to apply, but the theme is arts based. They understand that anyone can tell an experience related to the arts, based on past experiences, even if they have no dedicated their life to arts. And they get to tell their story in SPANISH! This is one of The Moth´s community and education programs. The conditions are that you will attend all workshop sessions and that you will be willing to share your story with others.The project will create a new space and opportunity to empower the concept of community among Spanish speaking artist-immigrants, facilitate the integration of these artists in the US arts sector by learning to create a narrative and expose it in public and open a platform to the Spanish community (more than 3.000.000 people in NY) to express their own experiences by participating in storytelling workshops and performances.

At the end of the workshop, the participants will tell their individual stories to a broad audience in a public storytelling performance that will take place at Instituto Cervantes. The stories will be translated into English and narrated, if it is possible, by the same author, to reach the English-speaking audience.

The Moth Community & Education Programs work to foster development, community and creative expression through the art and craft of storytelling. They provide workshops and authentic performance opportunities to high school students and marginalized adults throughout New York City and in select cities nationwide.

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This article has been edited from the information provided by The Moth.

Sonia Carmona Tapia