Title: Creating the Ending

Recommended by: David Heathfield

Origin: p. 35, Storytelling With Our Students: Techniques for telling tales from around the world  Heathfield, David, DELTA Publishing 2014

Recommended age: From 5 years to adults


  • To develop creative story-making skills


The students can be invited to create and tell their own endings to an unfinished folk story – first in pairs, then as a whole class.

Step 1

Tell a story, pausing at a climactic point towards the end of the story and, without any preparation, invite the students to tell the ending they imagine to a partner:

  • They might create two different endings.
  • They might create one ending together.

Step 2

Invite a volunteer to sit in your storytelling seat and to tell their ending. The other students listen closely, and notice similarities and differences to their own endings.

Step 3

Invite another volunteer, who has a very different ending, to tell theirs.

Step 4

Once the students have listened to three completely different endings from other students, you could ask them to tell their ending again to new partner:

  • They can tell their ending as before.
  • They can include any ideas they liked from the other students they listened to.

Step 5

Finally, they compare their endings with the traditional ending as you tell it.

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