Title: Dicing Up Your Story

Recommended by: Karen Chace 

Origin: Original exercise created by Karen Chace

Recommended age: From 8 years to 108 years


  • To encourage students to play with a story they are working on.
  • To help students add sensory details, facial expressions and gestures to their story.


Using a large, foam dice each student takes turns tossing it. Whatever number comes up they perform that number of gestures from their story, while explaining the part of the story the gesture complements. 

A variation of the game could include assigning specific story skills to each number, i.e.:

#1 = gesture
#2 = two lines of dialogue
#3 = three facial expressions
#4 = four adjectives to describe someone in your story
#5 = use your five senses to describe the setting of your story
#6 = share six (major or minor) events that happen in your story

More information: Dicing Up Your  Story  

This game is inspired in ‘Giant Gestures’ and can be found in Karen’s award winning book, Story by Story: Creating a Student Storytelling Troupe. You will also find additional interactive and written exercises  there.  It is available at  and