AEDA, Spanish Professional Storyteller´s Association


Aeda wishes to express its astonishment, deep worry and rejection of the latest tax increases by the Government. These tax increases, the biggest in the history of our country, will lead to the disappearance of Spanish cultural activity and particularly of Storytelling.

Since it began, our association has been striving to promote professional storytellers. This work will be frustrated by a tax increase of 19% (IVE from 8% to 21% and IRPF from 15% to 21%). The first results of this arrangement are already apparent: 500 Storytelling performances programmed for the last trimester of this year have been suspended. The result of this will be many storytellers not contributing anything in IVA or IRPF as they will be out of work and applying for social security.

We therefore communicate our support for the actions of peaceful protest promoted by other professional cultural groups and demand that the government meets with the cultural professional associations in order to reach an acceptable agreement.